I needed to buy some presents for people very dear to me.
I picked up some items from nearby Cass Art, but found the staff more interested in the artier looking customers. Honestly, I noticed that everyone else apart from me was greeted at the door. And also asked for their email address on paying. I spent nearly £50, but found the experience quite alienating.

Stationary World, on the other hand, was a genuine & lovely experience.
Friendly, engaging staff. Excellent, if haphazard, stock.
I bought a beautiful Lamy pen, stamps (where else can you get stamps on Park St?).
And did I mention great staff?
Just a lovely experience.

Now, if they will only embrace online, they may survive a few more years..

Jon Gardner

Nice little independent stationery shop. They sell a large array of stationery and art supplies, and also have some locally made artwork for sale too.

They also offer printing at a reasonable price, cheaper than nearby shops. Staff were very friendly.

George Field

Loads of art supplies! (which might not be obvious from the oustide) Had everything i went for, lever arch folders, dividers, lined/hole-punched paper, highlighters. Much cheaper than WHSmiths! Lots and lots of diaries/journals/sketchbooks with all sorts of different types of papers inside. Loads of inks/paints/pens/pencils/brushes. Great service and looks like they print for you too (they had a big professional printer in there, but I didn’t ask), plus they do a student discount, so bring your card!

leanne Pullman

Brilliant stationary shop, lots of unusual and beautiful pens/ink/notebooks/paper.
– a real treasure trove! Wonderfully friendly and knowledgeable staff who really can’t do enough to help you out. I wish all shops were like this one! It’s one of my favourite shops in Bristol 😊 I’d give it 6 stars if I could! 🥇🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Amy Webb

BEST art supplies shop in bristol!!! More than likely have what you need, if not it’s just a pleasure wandering around, I get the feeling the staff are genuinely enthused about all things art and craft!! Just a marvelous shop!