Bruynzeel Design Colour Pencils Box of 12


Design 12 Colour Pencils in a deluxe storage box.

Make the finest drawings with these superior coloured pencils. The perfect harmony between the colours and the colour core of Ø 3.7 mm helps you in this, together with the excellent colour transfer and high quality colour pigments.

Can be applied as single or multiple colour layers.

Made of cedar wood.

Coloured pencils with extra thick colour core. Easy to apply several layers of colour on top of each other. In set of 12
Product benefits

The extra thick colour core is made from high-quality colour pigments so the colours transfer very well.

Produced with care from wood which has been obtained from an environmentally-friendly source.

Double gluing allows for easy sharpening. Gluten-free.
Sales features

The 12 most popular colours in a wooden box with drawer. 50 colours available separately.

Top quality coloured pencils with a perfectly coordinated colour range. Use of only the best raw materials
guarantees an optimum sense of colour.



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