Graph It Markers

This twin twipped alcohol marker has a distinctive triangular shaped body providing extra comfort, control and ease-of-use than the standard round-shaped bodies. The twin-tip medium chisel nib on one end gives you a 7mm line and the finer bullet nib gives a 3mm line. There is a grip on each cap to avoid sliding and colour code on both ends for quick identification while you’re working.

12 piece sets come packaged in a handy black case that has a sliding drawer for easy access.

 Sets available:

 Classic : Sun, Carrot, Cacao, Azalea, Ruby, Magenta, Iris, Dark Cyan, Submarine, Chlorophyll, Anise, Black                                                   Manga : Sun, Copper, Chocolate, Organza, Skin, Satin, Lipstick, Iris, Bermuda, Normandy, Cool grey 0, Cool grey 5                                   Mixed Grey : Pink Grey 3, Pink Grey 5, Warm Grey 0, Warm Grey 2, Warm Grey 4, Warm Grey 6, Warm Grey 8, Neutral grey 0, Neutral Grey 2, Neutral Grey 4, Neutral Grey 6, Neutral Grey


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