Graph It Marker – sold individually

This twin twipped alcohol marker has a distinctive triangular shaped body providing extra comfort, control and ease-of-use than the standard round-shaped bodies. The twin-tip medium chisel nib on one end gives you a 7mm line and the finer bullet nib gives a 3mm line. There is a grip on each cap to avoid sliding and colour code on both ends for quick identification while you’re working. You have the choice of 176 thoughtfully selected colours.

The discerning eye recognizes the variations adapted to the world of design and styling. The selection of pink grays in addition to classic grays is welcome! We can’t resist its intense petroleum blue, its soft greens and its powdery shades such as NUDE or ROSEWOOD. There are 2 blacks: an intense black and the special black, an animal black with darker shades; no less than 40 grays, including the 5 new pink grays and the 5 new green grays… The traditional cold grays, warm grays and neutral grays are available in 10 tones each. 22 earth and earth shades and 16 flesh tones lend themselves with happiness to the imagination of the illustrator, the layman, the architect or the landscape designer.

A color chart balanced in its color scales that dares to make new choices, continuously updated to adapt to the expectations of designers!

Sets also available!

N.B when ordering simply add the quantity desired, add to cart and in the order notes section add the name for each colour. For the full colour chart please look in the gallery images.


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